Release notes

The following provides the notable features, bug fixes and more for each release. For a complete list of detailed changes to this project, please consult the project’s repository commits.

0.3.0 (2024-02-19)

  • Add support for navigation_with_keys

  • Reduce spacing after admonition titles

  • Support newer Sphinx/docutils versions

0.2.0 (2021-11-23)

  • Adds underlines on links when hovering

  • Cleanup sidebar navigation when browsing with targets in a minimize state

  • Fixed issue with images not scaling with the content area

  • Improve autodocs rendering

  • Improve footer rendering with all options disabled

  • Improve padding on admonitions

  • Improve print media support

  • Improve styling when viewing from a smaller screen (spacing, etc.)

  • Remove undesired period when copyright is disabled and the sphinx is enabled

  • Smoother navigation

  • Superscript citation references

  • Tweak small header styling in attempt to prevent small h6 headers

0.1.0 (2020-02-29)

  • Hello world